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Scarcity as an economic concept "refers to the basic fact of life that there is only a finite amount of human and non-human resources that can only be produced in limited maximum quantities of any economic good with the best of technical knowledge."

Very low Supply,


EXIST is a scarcity-based multi-token NFT and DeFi community project on the Binance Smart Chain!


There are only 10000 EXIST tokens.


In addition, there is STEAM, an even rarer token that is connected to EXIST tokens and HPB, creating a multi-token ecosystem based on scarcity!


STEAM is available on HPDex.org.


Total offer:




Circulating Offer:







Professional team,

Benjamin Kolbe,

Founder Benjamin Kolbe is an artist with years of experience in the crypto ecosystem. 


He has attended business schools, worked with well-known smart contract platforms, created NFTs, made music and written translations!

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